Faucet, Shower, Toilet Repairs in Newark, OH

With more than three decades of plumbing experience behind us, Dale Norton Plumbing Inc. is your one and only call for a wide range of critical services. From simple leak detection and toilet repair to bathroom and kitchen remodeling and installations, and beyond, we provide top-tier plumbing services to Newark, Hanover, Licking County, Heath, and Granville, OH homes and businesses.

Our Capabilities

Shower repairs and installations

Whether you’re converting a tub into a shower or putting in a brand-new installation for a bathroom, call on us for shower repairs. We can also repair and replace shower fixtures and installation components to make sure your shower is always functioning properly.

Toilet repairs and installations

Call us to have your existing toilet repaired or replaced, or when you need a brand-new installation. We can fix leaks, continuous running issues, non-flushes and more to ensure your toilet is working properly when nature calls.

Sink services

Our team specializes in the repair, installation and replacement of sinks and peripheral plumbing. Call on us for a full scope of sink plumbing repairs in Newark, OH, backed by industry-best products.

Faucet repairs

Need a leaky faucet checked out by a professional? Give us a call! We’ll quell the leak and ensure your faucet repair is sealed and fully-functional.

Garbage disposal repairs

The convenience of a garbage disposal in the kitchen is unmatched. We’ll install and service your disposal to make sure it’s always doing its job properly. We offer reliable and efficient garbage disposal repairs!

Water heater repairs

From traditional tank units to tankless installations, we’re the experts to call for water heater repair in Newark, OH. From pressure problems to temperature troubles, we resolve all of these issues and more.

Water line repairs

Got a leak you just can’t find? Problems with the pressure being supplied to your faucets? Whatever water line issues you’re dealing with, we’ll see them resolved quickly and thoroughly.

Water line re-piping

If your water lines are damaged beyond repair, let us replace them for you. We re-pipe water lines to ensure there aren’t any obstructions or issues with your supply.

Slab leak detection

We’re adept at pinpointing leaks throughout your home, to save you from potentially costly damages. From under-sink leaks to slab leak detection in Newark, OH, count on us.

Brands We Trust

Toilet Repair
Faucet Repair
Water Heater Repair
Slab Leak Detection

Get the Plumbing Service You Need

Whether it’s a problem with your toilet or the need for leak detection, Dale Norton Plumbing Inc. is on the job. Contact us today by calling 740-366-3918 for more information about our capabilities.