Kitchen Remodeling in Newark, OH

Explore the many benefits of a kitchen remodel in Newark, Hanover, Licking County, Heath, or Granville, OH with the help of Dale Norton Plumbing Inc.! We take pride in helping homeowners transform this central room of their home through upgrades and additions, to make sure it meets your lifestyle needs. Whether you’re a gourmet cook, the perpetual party host or you just want a place to meet as a family, we’re here to help create the ideal kitchen.

Complete Kitchen Updates

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling in Newark, OH goes beyond just replacing the flooring or updating the countertops—it’s about transforming the space to meet your everyday needs. And, paying attention to each of the room’s major facets is important in creating an environment that’s right for your lifestyle.


Our team works with you to envision how your remodeled kitchen will look, including what features it will have. We’ll help you plan space, choose materials and understand the concepts that will define your updated kitchen.


No matter how much counter space you have, it’s important to get countertops that are beautiful and accentuate your kitchen’s style. Let us help you choose the right material and style to make your kitchen truly shine.


Cabinets are the face of your kitchen and your gateway to storing everything from pots and pans to food and ingredients. We help our customers get the most out of their cabinets and can remove, install and frame cabinets perfectly for your space.


Whether your dream kitchen has hardwood, linoleum, tile or a different type of flooring, we’re ready to install it. Flooring has a profound effect on the way your kitchen feels, which is why we consult with you to make sure it’s projecting the right style.

Plumbing and Fixtures

In addition to the design and aesthetics of your kitchen remodel, we’re also here to assist with the plumbing. Our team can quickly install new fixtures—including garbage disposals and sinks—while also re-plumbing areas of your kitchen that require it. If you need water lines run to a new dishwasher or fridge, we’re on the job!

Transform Your Kitchen

Ready to bring your kitchen into the modern era and make it a space that’s ideally suited for your lifestyle? Contact us at Dale Norton Plumbing Inc. today at 740-366-3918 to get started on your bathroom or kitchen remodel. And if anything isn’t working properly, don’t forget that we also repair faucets and garbage disposals!